Buy & Sell Social Media Accounts

Account Swith Pro is a multi-vendor marketplace that allows social media users to buy and sell accounts. Buy and sell accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Monetize Your Social Accounts

The growth of social media platforms has created new business opportunities for both buyers and sellers of social media accounts. Sellers of social media accounts are often specialists in growing accounts. Sellers invest countless hours building and interacting with guinine audiences. Buyers of social media accounts are looking to access those audiences in order to monetize them. Account Switch Pro is a platform that brings together buyers and sellers for the benefit of everyone! 

Social Accounts Auctions (Premium)

Below you’ll find the social accounts that are being sold through the auction format on our site. All social accounts being sold through auction have a starting bid price of $100. 

Social Accounts For Sale

Below you’ll find the non auction (buy it now) social accounts listed on our site. You can browse sites by category, audience size and many other variables. 

For Buyers

Using our marketplace you’re able to buy social media accounts which you then monetize by selling your own products and services through. The sellers on our platform have built followers around a niche you’re targeting. There is simply no better way to grow your traffic and gain more sales. Buy a social account on our platform today!

For Sellers

Sell your social accounts on our multi-vendor marketplace. We give you a full suite of tools to help you sell your social accounts (auctions, proxy bidding, buy it now options, reserve pricing, image upload etc). We have a growing network of buyers interested in buying the social accounts you’ve worked hard to build. Sell your accounts today!

What Others Are Saying

Don’t take it from us. Read what others are saying about Account Switch Pro. If you have a testimonial you’d like to share please contact us. We’ll give you a small treat if you have something nice to say about us. 

This is a really cool platform. It provides much better filtering options, user vetting mechanisms and buying options (i.e. auction or buy it now) than any other site on the market. 

Tim Chimmers

Account Switch Pro is simply the best. I work hard to grow my social accounts organically. It’s what I’m good at. I’m glad Account Switch Pro has given me the opportunity to monetize my skill. 

Liz P.

The platform offers a great traffic generation opportunity. I can now simply buy up social accounts in my niche and drive the traffic from those accounts to my website. Never has my traffic been better!

Charles Jr.

Platform Features

We’re always adding new features to the site. Cururently, Account Switch Pro is in Beta so we’re all ears if you have ideas that will make the platform better. You can also see our developmental milestones and view our progress here.

Buy / Sell Social Accounts

Like My Life allows you to buy and sell social accounts that have been organically grown with high quality followers. This gives both buyers and sellers the ability to monetize their business. 

Start an Online Marketplace

Sellers on our platform are able to start a unique online marketplace. You will be able to sell multiple social accounts on our platform at any given time. You’ll also be able to track sales in real time. 

Advertise In a Virtual World

Access our growing audience. Sellers get access to an audience of active social media account buyers. Buyers get access to countless high-end social media account sellers. 

Acquire Valuable Social Accounts

There are countless ways to monetize social accounts with active followers (ad traffic, product sales etc). Companies often buy social accounts to access potential customers in their niche. 

Comprehensive Vendor Dashboard

As a seller on our platform, you’ll be able to monitor your sales in real time using our beautiful vendor dashboard area. You’ll see your sales, receipts, commissions and much more. 

Multiple Payment Methods

Account Switch Pro allows you to shop using multiple payment methods such as credit card, payment, cryptocurrency and others. No other platform simply gives you this range of choices! 

Multivendor Marketplace

You’ll receive a unique store ID (URL) to your very own storefront in our multi-vendor marketplace. You can sell your items through auction or use “buy it now” pricing. You have full control over pricing.

Communicate With Users Directly

Both buyers and sellers can easily communicate with each other through our comprehensive user chat features. This allows you to make human contact with the users on our platform.

Join Our Affliate Program & Earn Money

Hey look. We’re a small team and we need help growing. I’m sure you’ve started something from scratch before so you know how hard it is to get a new project off the ground. Currently have exactly 15 users and we need more. More users will allow us to create a more vibrant marketplace (which we all benefit from). If you have a website, blog, social media account or email list in the social media space then consider signing up for our affiliate program here. You will earn a comission on each sale you help generate on our platform. You will also get access to real-time reporting tools.