How To…

We strive to make Account Switch Pro as easy as possible for users to understand. However, we know that buying and selling social media accounts isn’t something most people do everyday. For this reason, we’ve created a comprehensive FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for after looking through the list below, then please reach out to us here

How does it work?

Account Switch Pro is a free to use website for social media account buyers and sellers. The platform allows for the exchange for social media accounts between buyers and sellers. This allows sellers to monetize their work and it allows buyers to re-monetize the audience. 

Can I make money using Account Switch Pro?

Yes, both buyers and sellers can make money using the Account Switch Pro platform. Sellers can make money by selling audiences they have built up over time. Buyers can make money be either buying these accounts and then finding new ways to monetize the audience (i.e. product sales, services, ads etc) or they can continue to grow the audience and flip it on our site at a later date. 

Is Account Switch Free To Use?

Yes. Account Switch Pro is free to use. We only charge a small 10% success fee if we help broker a transaction. If your social media account doesn’t sell on our platform, then it doesn’t cost you anything. Sellers can also chose to pay for premium listings which will put your listing(s) in front of more social media account buyers. 

Is it Free to Post Auctions?

Yes, it is free to post auctions and listings on our site. We only take a commission if we help broker a deal. The success fee for transactions that find a buyer is 10%. 

You can reduce the success fee from 10% to 4% if you become a platform ambassador. You simply need to share our site on social platforms, blogs or through email lists. Email us to see if you qualify for a platform ambassador account.


How Do I Confirm Social Media Account Ownership?

Sellers on our platform are required to post a temporary verification code on their social media accounts so that we can verify account ownership. We will not post auctions or listings on our site until we’ve verified a user’s social account. 

What Are Your Plans for Development?

Currently, we are taking suggestions on how to make the platform better. Please visit this page to let us know what direction you want to see the platform go.

How Do I Get Paid?

We use Stripe Connect, Payment and cryptocurrency to process payments. After signing up for an account you can select your desired payout method.